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Pastors Brad & Jana Tuttle

Reaching THE WORLD isn’t just something we do—it’s who we are. We make sure we are doing what we can as a church to reach the lost around THE WORLD, either by Going, Sending, Giving, or Praying. Our vision is to be a sending base that equips people and thrusts them to fulfill their divine destiny in the nations of the world. The church's commission is to reach THE WORLD with the Gospel!

How We Impact Lives

“It is our desire as a church to impact people's lives by being the kind of church that Jesus has called the church to be. All I have ever known in my life as a believer, and that has been for the last 29 years, is to live all out for God. I live this way because I was radically saved on an early Sunday morning in the bedroom of my apartment in Cincinnati, Ohio. I had been in a bar that night when all of a sudden I saw my life and my lostness. I got out of there and drove home, and three hours later after struggling with what I was feeling, I fell on my knees in that bedroom and cried out to Jesus to save me. He did, and it was glorious! That Sunday morning, I found a church, got plugged in, and started living ALL OUT as a true disciple for Jesus and NEVER looked back!

That's what we want to do for the lives of people not only in our church, but in the lives of people all around the world. We want to introduce them to JESUS the Savior and LIFE-TRANSFORMER! We want to challenge believers to live for Christ in the way that He deserves. Personally, I'm not satisfied watching believers live half in, half out lives for Christ. We want to see them get radically saved and then make the decision to be true disciples of THE MASTER!  We impact lives by being a church that shows people that living for Jesus is a life that is lived ALL OUT... a life that lives holy, passionate, and radical for His Kingdom on earth!" ~Brad Tuttle

The Word

The Word of God is powerful, living and active. We hold to the full authority of God's Word and stand on every promise, knowing His Word will accomplish and produce what He designed it to do in the lives of Believers.

The World

The power and the presence of the Holy Spirit is so very sweet in our services.  We worship, preach, and pray in  the power of the SPIRIT, welcoming Him into every aspect of the service.

The Spirit