Jana Tuttle

Co-Founder of The Harvest Church International

​ CoFounder of Brad Tuttle Ministries

There are moments in a woman’s life that will forever change who she is and will define who she will become… a high school graduate, a college graduate, a mentor, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. My “moment” that forever changed the course of my life is when I became a Christian, a true Follower of Jesus Christ. At the precise moment I asked Jesus to come into my heart,

I not only gave Him my dreams, my goals, my hopes, my desires… but I gave Him my entire life. My life was not my own after my encounter with Him. I had been bought with a great price and I willingly laid my life down at the cross and picked up His plans, His purposes, and His Great Commission. What peace there was in knowing my life was no longer my own, but would be shared with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I could trust Him with my future, knowing He held it and uniquely designed it just for me. My purpose for living became solely for Him to be greatly glorified and magnified in and through me.

What an exciting adventure my life as a Christian has been… running my race that has been set before me with perseverance and endurance, climbing those mountain size challenges with His strength empowering me, weathering the valleys with His love and assurance carrying me. What a wonderful journey Jesus and I have shared, and it all began in one very special life-changing moment when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. My testimony is a unique moment that was divinely designed by God Himself, and this moment has forever changed my life and the lives of those around me and for generations to come. Praise be to the glory of God!

Growing up, my parents took me to church every Sunday morning and evening and on Wednesday night. I attended children’s church and learned all about the stories in the Bible. I went to Vacation Bible School in the summers. I had memorized Scriptures while involved with Missionettes. I gave my offering in Sunday school. I did everything a young churchgoer would do, but I had not yet had an encounter with Jesus Christ. One evening and in one defining moment that would all change.

Our church was hosting an evangelistic meeting with John Jacobs and The Power Team. My parents drove me and my brother to the nightly meeting in hopes that we might enjoy this new experience… men breaking bricks with their arms, running through walls of ice, and snapping baseball bats all in the Name of Jesus. I was so excited, I could not even imagine what my eyes were going to behold. After the feats of strength were finished, and one of the team members shared their testimony on how Jesus Christ had saved them. Right then I knew I needed Jesus and wanted to live in eternity with Him. I remember my heart was rapidly racing, my eyes filled with tears, and the Holy Spirit was gently tugging at my heart. Then the invitation was given to all who would like to ask Jesus into their hearts to come to the altar and receive Him. I remember this unforgettable memory, this “moment” I stood up and before I knew it I was running to the altar. I did not care who was watching me, or how I looked. All I knew as a young 14 year old was that I needed Him and I was not going to leave that church building without having an encounter with Him. The power of God at the altar was so strong. All I could do was stand there and weep. Weep over my sin. I knew I was separated from God and needed a Savior. I knew He was doing a great work in me at that precise moment. I then said the following words that would forever change my eternity, “Jesus forgive me of my sins, and come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior.” This precious, incomparable moment was like no other I had ever experienced. The love I felt was so real and encompassing. The passion to serve Him with all of my heart and with my entire life was driving.  I knew this moment defined me, and labeled me “Christian”, and I proudly and boldly took that precious name. He had a great destiny for me in Him, and I could not wait to start my journey as a Christian, as a daughter of the King.

The Power of Prayer…

During my teen years, a passion for prayer was ignited in my heart. I so desired to see God use me in a mighty way through making a Kingdom impact on the world. The call of God on my life was so strong I did not want to miss anything He had for me. I would pray for hours in my prayer closet or outside while walking the neighborhood. My pastor, Dr. Larry Lea, gave the church a power prayer outline, “Could You Not Tarry One Hour?” It forever changed my Christian walk. I would pray God’s mighty Word daily with great fervor and expectation. I had such mighty mountain moving faith, knowing God was Who He said He was in Scripture, and He could do everything He said He could do. I knew the effective fervent prayers of the righteous could avail much, and all things were possible. I saw the power of prayer unfold in my life.

I wish I could say that I didn’t make any mistakes as I entered into high school and into my very early twenties when I fell into some peer pressures, but I remember vividly the conviction of the Holy Spirit, my full repentance, and Him wooing me back to my First Love… Jesus. In my early twenties, one of the prayers I stood on was answered when I met Brad, the love of my life. Remember the worldwide evangelistic ministry that was used as a tool to bring the powerful message of Jesus Christ to me? Well, that same ministry came to my church and Brad was part of this unique group of evangelists. The desire God placed in me at a young age to marry an evangelist and reach the world for Jesus, was now unfolding before my eyes. Within several months we were married, and traveled the world doing evangelism. To God be the glory for the great and mighty things He has done! Amen!

We just celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary (2017). Not only did God give me a man that loves Him with all of his heart, soul and mind, but has a tremendous passion for prayer too. When God puts something together, it is perfect and complete, lacking nothing. Eight years ago, the Lord added to our ministry drive by calling us to plant a church. Now we pastor and disciple AND travel evangelizing the world! What an exciting adventure this has been, and what great expectation the future holds! The moment in my life that forever changed who I am and defined who I became was so beautifully orchestrated by the hands of our loving and All-Knowing God.  Since I have laid my life down for Christ, He has given me back exceedingly abundantly more in my life than I could think of or ever imagine. A life in Christ is truly worth living.


​Jana has her Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Masters International University of Divinity.