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Overcoming Fear

Hello Beautiful~

Daily we can be faced with many challenges, and some of these challenges even afford the opportunity for fear to reside. Have YOU ever been gripped by fear? Have YOU ever experienced the paralyzing force as fear overtakes you and leaves you powerless in its grip? Have YOU ever taken flight when you didn’t know how to process something, so you ran out of there faster than an Olympic sprinter, leaving a dust cloud behind in your wake? If you answered “YES!” then YOU need to know that YOU DO NOT have to live in fear, nor be controlled by fear any longer! Yes ma’am, YOU heard me right!

See, fear in and of itself is an uncontrollable force that can leave you feeling immobilized and powerless. Fear seems to have a way of distorting things, bringing a false evidence appearing real to your situation. Fear has a way of causing you to respond by either taken flight or staying and getting prepared to fight. But TODAY, can be the day, that YOU decide to no longer operate in fear!

The Apostle Paul was encouraging young Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7 when he penned, “For God HAS NOT given us a spirit of FEAR, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Possibly, like Timothy, because of youth, natural temperament, or overwhelming responsibility you can be prone to timidity (fear). Or maybe because of past experiences, you fell victim to fear. But as a Believer, YOU need to understand that God HAS NOT given YOU a spirit of FEAR. He has given to you the Holy Spirit, a Spirit of (His) power, and of (His) love and of a sound (well-balanced) mind.

Like me, YOU probably already know the areas where fear tries to abound in your life. But as a Believer in Christ, YOU are not to allow anything to lord over you. Where the Spirit of the Lord dwells, there is freedom. Since His Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you, His freedom dwells there. Only His peace and His soundness of mind should rule and reign in your life.

So, remember when faced with fear, stay calm and ask yourself, “Who is trying to give me this spirit of fear?” And then answer, “Not God, but Satan.” Then quote 2 Timothy 1:7 emphasizing, “God gives me power, love and a sound mind through His Holy Spirit!” And then walk in the freedom of a well-balanced, fearless, sound mind.

Beautiful, this year let’s face fear together and not allow it to control us any longer. And for those of you who have either been given the nickname “Bolt” because you like to bolt out of there OR have the tendency to want to lace up those running shoes and run as fast and as far away as you can… take those shoes off and face that fear with the confidence of God’s Word. No more running! Let’s be FEARLESS together!

We can OVERCOME any fear!

Much Love,


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