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Hello Beautiful~

I wish you were here with me, and we could talk face to face as we enjoyed a cup of coffee while wrapped up in a cozy blanket on my comfy couch. I’d tell you to take your shoes off, get comfortable, and let’s enjoy some much needed girl time. So let’s just imagine you are here with me now.

As I write this blog, there is a Texas sized thunderstorm occurring. (You know the saying everything in Texas is bigger, and that holds true especially in regards to our hair!) As the heavens are filled with massive thundering, and the rain is pouring down, I find tranquility in enjoying this blessing from Him… this much needed rain sent to cool off our parched land. It truly is a beautiful thing to behold.

As I look out my window, my pup snuggled close to me the word “seasons” resonates through my mind. And I know I must write my first blog on this.

Every woman goes through seasons in her life.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1 it says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” I have found this to be so true in my life.

Some seasons are longer than others.

Some seasons will forever define us.

But in every season there is a purpose, a divine plan.

Today let’s learn to embrace the season we have been placed in, and try to see the beauty this season brings. Whether you are in the winter season of your life, when those “things” whether they be friendships, a relationship, a job that seems to be dormant and have no life. The spring season, when behold new things are bursting forth and flourishing…my favorite season. Or perhaps you have ventured into the summer season, when all you can do is run for shelter in hopes of finding relief from the beat down the “heat” has brought to you. And lastly, maybe you are in the autumn season, when things are changing all around you. Some things remaining and some things falling away.

Whatever season you are in know that He is Sovereign over all. Try to embrace this season and find the hidden beauty in each and every changing season.

Now, I would give you a hug and walk you to my front door telling you I so enjoyed this beautiful time we had together.

Until next time,

Much Love,


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