Be Still...

Hello Beautiful~

Some mornings I’m wide awake at 3AM.

After pondering awhile whether I should leave the comfort of my warm and cozy bed, I gently roll out of hibernation trying not to wake up Brad, or trip on some squeaky dog toy left on the floor. (Maneuvering through the dark can be quite eventful.)

I then enter the kitchen in hopes of finding some delicious mid night snack. And around the time I have located something delicious to devour, I hear the pitter patter of four paws hit the ground… Yes, my little furry partner in crime has decided to join in on the early morning feast.

There is something so beautiful about the stillness of the early morning. It’s a time that I can truly be still and listen to Him.

No interruptions.

No appointments.

No texts.

Only the beauty of the sound of silence.

It is in these moments when I feel so near to Him. And I am reminded of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Sometimes I need the reassurance that He is still Lord over every area in my life. That He has said to me to be still in His presence. To enjoy Him. To rest assured that He is God.

So this morning I say to myself, “Be still my soul be still. And know that He is God.”

And as for our early morning escapades, like the saying ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…’ Well, what happens in the wee hours of the Tuttle abode stays in the wee hours. The only evidence of Dollee and my morning feast is the light bags under both of our eyes due to lack of sleep, and maybe an occasional crumb left behind.

These are truly precious moments…. memories with my Lord and my pup, the midnight snack bandit.

So, for you, take some time this week to “Be Still.” Get out of ‘rush mode’ and ponder on the beautiful understanding that He is YOUR God.

Until next time, Beautifuls!


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