He Is In Control

Hello Beautiful~

Have you ever seen the hand of God so beautifully orchestrate your day by intertwining a message He has specifically given to you with many life experiences that drive the point home, where it is undeniable that He is confirming His Word to you? Yesterday was that day for this gal. Brad brought a powerful message to our church titled ‘Learning to Trust that God is in Control’. As the Word was brought forth, I was comforted in knowing that God is Sovereign over everything that concerns my life and the life of those I love and have come to adore. HE truly, unquestionably, undoubtedly is 100% in control.

As a woman, sometimes I find it difficult to relinquish control in some areas. I take it upon myself to want to “fix” everything. And truth to be known, I want to be in control. There are so many “hats” we as ladies wear. We have the gift of multitasking (or so we think), and we are so used to overseeing every area of our families’ lives that we have a hard time letting someone else “take the wheel” and drive. But we must come to realize that He is completely in control, and we must learn to trust that. And in trusting Him, there comes a great peace in knowing we don’t have to carry the load. We don’t have to try to figure it out on our own. We can fully trust, rely and be confident in knowing He is 100% in control. He is big enough, wise enough, all powerful and almighty.

So, as we ended this special church service, we had the privilege of praying over Ray Ray (a nickname her precious family so sweetly gave her, and so easily rolls off the tongue.) We have been honored to shepherd her throughout her high school years. To watch her grow in her walk with Christ and become the beautiful young woman of God that He created her to be. As we prayed for the Lord to watch over her and direct her steps in this next season of her life as she ventures into the wild blue yonder of the University of Texas, my eyes filled with tears and my heart ached since I will miss seeing her every Sunday. And a motherly instinct kicked in that I didn’t want her to go, because I needed to protect and shield her from the world. But then the Holy Spirit sweetly reminded me that God is 100% in control of Ray Ray’s life and is able to fully protect her and provide for her as she is away. Another sweet reminder from my Heavenly Father that I can trust Him. Especially with those little darlings whom I love.

Then after church, a very unique opportunity presented itself where I could ‘Learn to Trust that God is (100%) in Control”. This lesson did not tug at my heartstrings like earlier, this was a different kind of experience. Brad and I drove to this very quaint airport north of us to meet up with a family that we have come to adore. Captain (named by yours truly since he is a pilot) and his son invited us to their hangar. Upon arrival I was mesmerized by their vintage airplane, and honey she was a beaut! And this beauty had to be named (because that is what I do) so she was instantly named Roxy! (She had that kind of old Hollywood actress charm with a little bit of feistiness to her.) And I liked her!

Well, I must admit this girl didn’t want to just look at Roxy, I wanted to experience her…and boy did I! So Captain took me for a flight. (I would have loved to share this moment with Brad, but truth to be known I don’t think that big bear of a man could have fit in the plane! Maybe if we all had shoved and tried to squish him in. Haha!)

As we ascended to the set elevation, there was something so serene about being in the air. There truly was a peace that set in. The clouds were beautifully lit up by the sun. The land was at full view. It truly was breathtaking. And I was fully at peace in knowing I was in the best of hands. Then Captain said he would let me fly. I was thrilled but must admit a little apprehensive. But this gal was not going to pass this once in a lifetime opportunity by. So I gingerly put my hand on the thingamajiggy and I began to fly Roxy! It was so much fun, but I quickly realized that I did not want to be in control as I dropped us in altitude a little, then brought us back up. My stomach instantly felt that same feeling when I was a kid and rode the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags. The first hill is a doozy! You slowly climb up that huge hill, then without a warning come flying straight down faster than the speed of lightning! Mercy! Your stomach drops and is flooded with butterflies. As a natural reaction I quickly extended my arm to touch Captain to make sure he was there. I found great comfort in knowing he was the pilot. He was right there with his hand ready to grab the thingamajiggy and steer Roxy. I wanted him to be in control. I found great peace and felt protected when he was the pilot. I trusted him completely with my safety… and well, with my life. And at that moment I heard these words resonate in my spirit “Jana, learn to trust me to be in control.”

God wants to be the “Pilot” of your life. He wants you to know you CAN trust Him with everything that concerns you. He wants to be in the pilot’s seat directing your life. He wants to take you to higher elevations with Him. He wants you to sit in the passenger seat and fully rest in knowing He is 100% in control. You can trust Him with your life.

Well, to Pastor Brad, thank you for hearing from the Holy Spirit and loving your church family enough to bring us the truth of His Word. To Ray Ray, I love you very much and am so very proud of you. To Captain, thank you for that special memory, and for being ready to steer Roxy.

Until next time…


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