Sweetly Broken, Wholly Surrendered

Hello Beautiful~

This morning as I was preparing for church, I listened to a worship song that so ministered to me in this season that I am in. And the words so beautifully expressed what I am feeling… a season of being sweetly broken, wholly surrendered before God.

A season where I am clinging to the cross. A season where I am being gently drawn to my knees, as He is beckoning me to wholly surrender to Him, to His will, to His voice, to His call.

Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered.

I’ve come to realize that in the process of brokenness we must first get honest with ourselves. Honest about those areas of our lives that we have not fully surrendered to Him. Those areas that He has been gently tugging at our heart about for days, months, and perhaps even years.

He desires truth from our inward parts. Honesty. And only when we can be honest about those areas, then and only then can change occur and the process of being sweetly broken can produce the greatest results for His glory to be revealed in and through us.

To be sweetly broken and wholly surrendered is never easy, but is essential in the life of every Believer. It is a process of dying to self, your unredeemed flesh and its desires. It is realizing the meaning of being crucified with Christ, and understanding it is no longer you who lives but Christ in you. It is taking up your cross daily and following Him, His ways, His leading, His Word.

Wholly surrendering. Not resisting, but instead submitting to His Lordship and His Authority. Willfully laying down your rights, and relinquishing control. Abandoning yourself entirely to Him, His purposes and His will.

Sweetly broken, wholly surrendered.

When we come to the end of ourselves and our way of doing things, then we are wholly surrendered and ready for Him to take control.

Seasons of being sweetly broken and wholly surrendered are never easy, but they always mature us and conform us to His image.

My prayer is that you would fully surrender every area of your life to Him, and allow yourself to be sweetly broken before our precious Lord. Relinquishing control and submitting to His Lordship. Knowing that as you do, you will experience Him in a greater more intimate way. And like the Apostle Paul penned, “you will know Him and the power of His resurrection.”



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