Welcoming the New Year

Hello Beautiful~

I love this very special time of the year. The week after Christmas leading into the New Year. This is always a time of great reflection for me.

As 2016 is coming to an end, and 2017 is about to begin my hope is that YOU would take a moment and reflect over all that this past year has brought into your life. Perhaps this has been a year of immense growth where you have soared high. Maybe it has been a year of great sorrow as the unexpected took you by surprise and brought you to your knees.

Like me, you have probably gone through some ‘mountain top’ and ‘valley low’ experiences. You have weathered some storms and you have won some battles. You at times have felt strong and invincible, and at other times weak and vulnerable. You have had seasons of standing in faith believing God for the impossible, then other seasons of fighting fear and doubt as the circumstances surrounding you were constant reminders of the reality of your situation.

Can YOU relate to any of the above?

Sometimes the past can hold us hostage. The voice of the past can paralyze you from moving forward as it thunders your past mistakes, your past fears, your past insecurities, your past failures. That is why I find great comfort and hope in what the apostle Paul penned in Philippians 3:13: “but one thing I do, FORGETTING those things which are behind and REACHING FORWARD to those things which are ahead.

What hope this powerful Scripture verse brings to me and should bring to YOU. Forgetting those things which are behind… Meaning to not recall those past things to mind… To not rehearse them over and over… To not be consumed by them, giving them life and power every time you talk about them.

Forgetting those “Oh, No No! “moments as I like to call them. Those moments you wish you could take back, and quite honestly wished never had happened. Forgetting those difficult, “Bring you to your knees”, valleys you had to endure. Forgetting the “What just happened?” Shock & awe situations that left you in disbelief and maybe in despair. Forgetting those failures that left you ashamed and embarrassed.

The apostle Paul is encouraging us to leave the past in the past and not recall it to mind. But not only that, he now encourages us to reach forward, to press on, to press toward the goal, which is running the race Christ has set before us as Believers.

Beautiful, I do not know what 2016 brought to you. But I encourage you to kindly kiss the past goodbye. Let it go! Press forward to those things which are ahead! And welcome the New Year!

Much Love,


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